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Black River - Bernolákovo

Black River - Bernolákovo

Course Type: Real Course, 18 holes, Slovakia, ver. 2.0 

Beschreibung Bernolákovo is the first course in Slovakia which was created after 1990. At the beginning it was a nine-hole course and nowadays it is a golf area with master eighteen holes. The course is situated near the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava in the distance of five kilometres. The beginning of the modern history of golf in Slovakia connected with this place is dated back to 1993. At first an amateurish meadow was created. Golf struck its roots in Slovakia and it has been developing. A master course with eighteen holes called Black River is, thanks to its rating, one of the most demanding courses in Europe. Its rating is 79.5 for the Czech Republic and 155 for Slovakia, the length from white tees is 6,483 metres. Par of the course is 73. Also its handicap proves its demandingness. For yellow tees the bonus f or men is from four to seventeen extra hits, women have five to seventeen extra hits. First six holes are a part of the original course called Park and they are situated in a park of a baroque mansion, the others are situated behind river Čierná voda. This is where the English name of the course comes from. The longest but not the most difficult hole is Nr. 9 of 551, or more precisely 465 metres. The most difficult hole is Nr. 12 which has a double dogleg. There are large bunkers in the first break making placing the ball to a good position for next hit difficult, in the second one there is a water hazard leading to green. It is difficult to choose the most interesting holes because each of them, in this course, has all attributes which a course can offer to golfers. The play itself is not a battle between golfers but between a golfer and the course. The course is used by the Bratislava - Bernolákovo G&CC. Country Slovakia  Course type  Real Course Holes 18 Version 2.0 Link Included in set Set 1
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Black River - Bernolákovo

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Black River - Bernolákovo

Course Type: Real Course, 18 holes, Slovakia, ver. 2.0 


The Marianske Lazne Golf Club course may serve as an example of Scottish and Irish

golfing architecture from the end of the 19th century. The course lies on an upland

plain 787 meters above sea level, built under the governance of Scottish professional

Duig. It was opened in 1905. Therefore it is the oldest course in The Czech Republic.

The course forms a clearly bounded area. Only holes No.2 and 3 go out of the compact

course boundaries. They were built in 1978 to replace the non-regular old ones.

The greens are relatively small (but well protected by bunkers), especially when compared

with newly built courses. Most of the course lies on a plain terrain. It seems to be easy

at first sight. However, players find many hazards and places demanding an accurate and

technical play.

It is surrounded by a pine forest so that even on very hot days, it is a fine place to be.

The surrounding picturesque landscape is natural, not harmed by any construction or

buildings. The air is full of oxygen and saturated with ozone, so that it is a real cure for

 your lungs.

With its “Indian summer” and beautifully coloured leaves, autumn will conjure up an idea

of a golfer’s paradise.

This description of the course is taken from the book titled “Klíč k českým golfovým

hřištím” (Key to Czech Golf Courses) (Kargomedia publishing house). 

Petr Mrůzek is the author of the description of the course in Mariánské Lázně.



Course type

Real Course






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Set 1